We know that it can be tough to choose a site designer based solely on their site and portfolio, and so we ask our clients to provide feedback in the form of testimonials, should they wish.

  • tek built and runs my site goddessgreed.com and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a professionally designed website. He has always been a pleasure to work with, respectful, polite and hard working, and gets things done quickly and with no fuss.
    Goddess Greed
  • I have known Techno for several years now and he has been a massive support and help with my various websites. The amount of knowledge he has in this genre is astounding. It is only fair to say I have learned so much about web development because of Techno with his expertise and patience which have proved totally invaluable. I wanted my website to have a professional look and feel, yet be easy and clear to navigate and exceptional in its field. I feel that I have achieved this with the co-operation of a great web designer who takes the time to listen and acts swiftly and proficiently to get the job done.

    Techno's ideas, advice and support have been invaluable and for anyone looking to have a website built with good design and flair then I do not hesitate in giving Techno the thumbs up. Most definitely highly recommended without hesitation to bring your website vision to life.

    Madam Raison D'ĂȘtre
  • Tek took over the CSS part of my website and coded it for me making things much, much simpler. The coding was done exactly as I required with a few improvements very quickly with no fuss. He even fixes it if I mess it up! I would reccommend Tek to anyone, he does as he's asked and doesn't waste time.
    Mistress Vixxen
  • tek was a pleasure to work with when building My site. he was able to interpret all My ideas and built My site promptly with no issues...he showed Me how to use the dashboard etc on Wordpress so that I can add pages and do updates as and when required.

    he did exactly what I wanted and I'm extremely happy with what he has done with My website and I would highly recommend him to anyone.

    Thank you tek :)

    Goddess Penelope
  • When I was looking for someone to do banners and graphics for My site, I looked around at the sites of others to get ideas. I have found that all of the sites I really liked, were Techno's creations. I contacted him and found him to be a friendly, polite, professional who's quite adept at what he does. I have used him for banner work, and have decided to contract him to do the revisions on My existing site.

    I found his prices quite reasonable and his work stellar. A true technological genius. Plus, he makes Me smile on a daily basis, and that can never be a bad thing. You won't be dissappointed with the quality of his work, nor the manner in which he conducts himself. Techno never fails to impress this client.

    Miss Taylor Briggs~
  • I have wanted a professionally done banner for quite some time and Tek did not disappoint!

    I gave him an idea and a picture and he ran with it! It was quickly done and looks AMAZING!

    I will definitely be using his services again

    Mistress Candice
  • I was originally referred to TekWebSites.com by WebVillianess for some help with a failed wp based members site I paid some local Vegas douches to build me. They did a hack job and I needed to be rescued. I knew Tek had worked on other femdom sites for Tierra and Livia so I felt "safe". He helped me so much, I can't even explain how upset I was at the other company. Not many web companies want to "repair" sites and if they do they want a lot of cash. Tek saved my site, fixed all the errors in coding and what not for a very fair price.

    The distance was NOT an issue, we chatted via yahoo and email if there was any concerns or topics needing to be addressed and I am extremely pleased with the outcome of both my public and members site.

    Not only did he fix the site, he integrated my cc processing pages and helped me find the best video player for what I needed for my members site. Don't shop around if you want a site, just contact Tek and he will totally get the job!!

    xoxo-Goddess Michelle