Terms and Conditions


New clients will be required to pay at least 50% of the total estimate in advance before work can commence, and may be required to sign a provided design agreement specifying the terms and scope of the project. Should the total cost be under $100, then payment in full may be required.

All payments will be via our payment processor, or as otherwise agreed in advance. We do not accept cheques/checks. Any payment must be cleared and received by us before work will commence.

With the exception of design elements, TeksWebSites provides no content.

Any Client-provided content MUST be fully licensed by the Client and MUST have the proper certification proving that all models featured in the content are of legal age. Verification of this proof must be made available upon request.

Clients must be at least 18 years of age, or of legal majority in their jurisdiction, to enter the site, request or order services.

Under no circumstances will TeksWebSites be liable/responsible for any damages or misuse resulting from the Client's use of the designs, design services, or any content utilized in the design which was purchased from a third party. After the contract is finished, we have delivered the design and the Client has made their final payment, we then have no legal connection. The Client is responsible for their own actions.

TeksWebSites does not provide free alternate site designs. If the Client requests additional designs to choose from, we will be more than happy to provide as many as the Client requests, but the Client will be charged for such additional content at our standard hourly rate, rather than the site package rate.

TeksWebSites reserves the right to use any products made by us in our portfolio unless a prior confidentiality agreement is in place with the client.

All design source material is normally available for purchase by the Client at completion of a design, for an additional fee. These materials (such as .PSD files) may not be retained by TeksWebSites, and can not be requested at a later date.

Refund Policy

Refunds will only be paid in situations where no work is performed, or where advance payment has been made that is in excess of the work that is actually carried out.

In these cases, refunds will be via the same method as used for payment, and will cover the excess initial overpayment only.