Other Services

In addition to site design services, we also provide script installation/configuration and custom script-writing services at competitive rates.

Ongoing site-support can also be provided for a low monthly rate.

Basic Script Installation/Configuration $75*FROM

Installation of any 'standard' script onto your site together with basic configuration. Full customization of forum-type scripts or galleries can also be provided at an additional cost. Some examples are:

Shop/Store - full install and configuration $200*FROM

Online shops/stores are a great way of selling video clips, photo-sets, and other merchandise without incurring the high per-transaction costs of sites such as clips4sale. We will install and fully-configure the shopping-cart software, including integrating with the payment processor of your choice. We currently recommend zenCart or cubeCart for this.

Custom script-writing $45 per hour

Need a custom PHP or Javascript? This is available at our hourly rate, with the duration negotiated in advance.

Please email us with details of your requirements so we can provide an initial estimate.

Ongoing Full site-support $75*FROM per month

Our basic price includes at least 2 hours of work per month, but actual ongoing costs are dependent on the amount of work required per month. Services provided can include: