NiteFlirt templates offer their own special challenges. With limitations on the number of characters, and the lack of scripting, many standard features are not available.

TeksWebsites offers two main NiteFlirt template services.

Note that in either case you will typically need to provide web-hosting space for your images. Image-hosting sites can be used, but we don't recommend this since the content is not under your direct control.

WebSite Replication $150*FROM

Here we start with your existing site (or a site that we design for you), and convert that into a NiteFlirt template.

Typically, we can re-use most of your site images, headers, etc, though these may need to be re-sized. Any javascript effects will need to be replaced with GIF animations or static content.

Krystal Goddess - NiteFlirtCustom NiteFlirt Template $300*FROM

If you prefer a completely custom NiteFlirt template page, we will work with you to produce appropriate images, and to create a layout that meets with NiteFlirt's restrictions. This typically includes a new header image, as well as additional background images for the template.